The MMIX Debugger

If an MMIX source file is in the editor, you can start the MMIX simulator in debugging mode either by If the source file has changed, you will be asked if you want to save your changes. Then you will be asked whether you want to assemble the source file (unless the mmo file on disk is newer than the source file.) Running the assembler will also collect information about connecting the lines and symbols in your source file to locations in memory. This infomation is necessary while debugging. If the assembler has finished without errors, debugging will start.

Once the debugger has started a collection of new buttons is displayed in the button bar. These buttons are a more convenient alternative to the commands that you find in the MMIX menu.

You can further customize the debuggers behaviour through the Debug Options dialog, which you can access through the Options menu.

Running, Stopping, and Stepwise Execution

Setting Breakpoints and Tracepoints

There are three buttons to toggle (set or unset) breakpoints and one button to toggle a tracepoint. To set a breakpoint move the cursor in the edit window to the line containing the instruction and press the appropriate button.