Splitter Bars

Splitter bars are used to split a window into several window panes, each with its own content. Using the mouse on the splitter bar, you can manipulate the size and location of these window panes or you can close an adjacent window pane completely. To achive these operations, the splitter bar has serveral different regions:

There are two end regions that look like this , containing each a move button () and a close button (). Between the two end regions is the main region of the the splitter bar and in the center of the main region is the turn button ()

Draging a splitter bar

This is the simplest and most common operation. You can drag a horizontal splitter bar up or down and a vertical splitter bar right or left.

To do so:

Turning the splitter bar

You can turn the splitter bar counter clock wise by 90 degree. Doing this four times will bring the splitter bar back to its initial position.

To do so:

Moving a window pane

You can move a window pane to any position inside the window using one of the move buttons in the end regions. The move button is a small triangle pointing to one of the adjacent window panes; using the move button will change the position of the the window pane it points to.

To do so:

Closing one of the adjacent window panes

You can close either of the adjacent window panes by using one of the close buttons. The move button next to the close button points to the affected window pane.

To close an adjacent window pane: