% Example program ... Table of primes
L      IS   500          The number of primes to find
t      IS   $255         Temporary storage
n      GREG
q      GREG
r      GREG
jj     GREG
kk     GREG
pk     GREG
mm     IS   kk

       LOC  Data_Segment
       LOC  PRIME1+2*L
ptop   GREG @
j0     GREG PRIME1+2-@

       LOC  #100
Main   SET  n,3
       SET  jj,j0
2H     STWU n,ptop,jj
       INCL jj,2
3H     BZ   jj,2F
4H     INCL n,2
5H     SET  kk,j0
6H     LDWU pk,ptop,kk
       DIV  q,n,pk
       GET  r,rR
       BZ   r,4B
7H     CMP  t,q,pk
       BNP  t,2B
8H     INCL kk,2
       JMP  6B
       GREG @
Title  BYTE "First Five Hundred Primes"
NewLn  BYTE #a,0
Blanks BYTE "   ",0
2H     LDA  t,Title
       TRAP 0,Fputs,StdOut
       NEG  mm,2
3H     ADD  mm,mm,j0
       LDA  t,Blanks
       TRAP 0,Fputs,StdOut
2H     LDWU pk,ptop,mm
0H     GREG #2030303030000000
       STOU 0B,BUF
       LDA  t,BUF+4
1H     DIV  pk,pk,10
       GET  r,rR
       INCL r,'0'
       STBU r,t,0
       SUB  t,t,1
       PBNZ pk,1B
       LDA  t,BUF
       TRAP 0,Fputs,StdOut
       INCL mm,2*L/10
       PBN  mm,2B
       LDA  t,NewLn
       TRAP 0,Fputs,StdOut
       CMP  t,mm,2*(L/10-1)
       PBNZ t,3B
       TRAP 0,Halt,0