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Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
162 182d 22h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ fixed time bug casting a tetra to time_t on 64 bit systems Diff
161 403d 22h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ fixing typo in "binary arithmetic" Diff
158 442d 04h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ adding Andreas Scherers typographic improvements. Diff
151 560d 01h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ adding Donald Knuths improvements to the README file. Diff
150 571d 23h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ Improvement in mmix-pipe: alloc_slot due to L. Desnogues
Improvement in README due to I. Liferenko and
corresponding change in the Makefile for the doc target.
145 669d 23h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ adding *.pdf to the clean target Diff
144 670d 20h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ changed pages to page Diff
143 687d 06h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ Updating the email for bug reports and for downloading documents. Diff
142 687d 06h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ Updating the remarks about the introductory documments based on the
report by Igor Liferenko.
96 902d 21h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ fixing a warning in abstime.w and a bug when incrementing g[rU] beyond #7fffffffffffffff. Diff
95 930d 03h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ fixing the rounding error when subtracting floating point numbers. Diff
93 998d 02h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ Loading subroutine libraries from 0xf0 Diff
92 998d 23h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ fixing the copy-block bug fix Diff
91 999d 03h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ fixing the copy-block bug in mmix-pipe; adding the -s option to mmmix Diff
85 1190d 02h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ fixing the get_reader bug Diff
84 1190d 02h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ fix for the sing_size bug Diff
50 1596d 04h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ including the chenges from version 20131017 of Donald Knuth Diff
49 1628d 01h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ fixing the bug in the UNSAVE instruction. Diff
25 1762d 03h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ fixing bug caused by character codes greater than 127 in character and string constants. Diff
14 1797d 23h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ incrementing SUBSUBVERSION from 1 to 3
fixing bugs
- Formatless use of printf
- rI and rU are not implemented according to specification
fixing typos
removing compiler warnings by
- initializing variables on all execution pathes
- removing formatless uses of printf
- avoiding signed/unsigned comparisons
- avoiding unused parameters in functions
- adding default: cases to switch statements
- removing unused labels
- adding braces around ambigous if-if-else statements