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161 251d 10h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ fixing typo in "binary arithmetic" Diff
151 407d 13h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ adding Donald Knuths improvements to the README file. Diff
150 419d 11h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ Improvement in mmix-pipe: alloc_slot due to L. Desnogues
Improvement in README due to I. Liferenko and
corresponding change in the Makefile for the doc target.
144 518d 09h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ changed pages to page Diff
143 534d 18h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ Updating the email for bug reports and for downloading documents. Diff
142 534d 18h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ Updating the remarks about the introductory documments based on the
report by Igor Liferenko.
2 1651d 10h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ Initial MMIXware distribution as of August 31, 2011 Diff