Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
158 350d 12h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ adding Andreas Scherers typographic improvements. Diff
150 480d 06h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ Improvement in mmix-pipe: alloc_slot due to L. Desnogues
Improvement in README due to I. Liferenko and
corresponding change in the Makefile for the doc target.
92 907d 06h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ fixing the copy-block bug fix Diff
91 907d 11h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ fixing the copy-block bug in mmix-pipe; adding the -s option to mmmix Diff
85 1098d 10h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ fixing the get_reader bug Diff
50 1504d 12h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ including the chenges from version 20131017 of Donald Knuth Diff
13 1706d 06h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ incrementing SUBSUBVERSION from 0 to 2
fixing bugs
- SYNCD may cause dead lock
- SAVE in kernel mode causes stack alert
fixing typos
removing compiler warnings by
- removing formatless uses of printf
- avoiding signed/unsigned comparisons
- avoiding the addition of booleans
- adding default: cases to switch statements
- removing unused labels
- adding braces around ambigous if-if-else statements
2 1712d 05h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ Initial MMIXware distribution as of August 31, 2011 Diff