Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
50 1597d 21h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ including the chenges from version 20131017 of Donald Knuth Diff
25 1763d 20h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ fixing bug caused by character codes greater than 127 in character and string constants. Diff
12 1799d 16h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ fxing bugs
- mmixal can give misleading error messages for the IS instruction.
- mmixal considers symbols containing character codes greater than 127 as undefined.
removing compiler warnings by
- adding casts to avoid signed/unsigned comparisons
- using Char to avoid signed/unsigned comparisons
- adding missing cases to switch statements
- restricting function parameters to promoted types
removing unused labels
- adding braces around ambigous if-if-else statements
initializing variables
2 1805d 15h ruckert /mmixware/trunk/ Initial MMIXware distribution as of August 31, 2011 Diff