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Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
155 211d 18h ruckert /util/trunk/mmixlib/ adapting to the latest version of mmixware, removing the mandatory break when setting the IN_BIT in rQ, fixing bug allowing to load illegal values of rG wit UNSAVE. Diff
149 244d 20h ruckert /util/trunk/visualstudio/Release/ Diff
148 283d 18h ruckert /util/trunk/visualstudio/ commiting latest exe files Diff
147 283d 18h ruckert /util/trunk/mmixlib/ removing parameters from the mmixal function that replace global variables, adding check_X_BIT Diff
141 387d 02h ruckert /util/trunk/visualstudio/Release/ checking in exe files Diff
140 401d 19h ruckert /util/trunk/mmixlib/ adding rule for abstime Diff
138 435d 23h ruckert /util/trunk/ removing mmixedit from the repository Diff
136 521d 18h ruckert /util/trunk/mmixlib/ fixing the sign extension for LDB LDW and LDT Diff
135 546d 20h ruckert /util/trunk/mmixlib/ shortening too long lines, adapting to linux Diff
133 548d 19h ruckert /util/trunk/mmixlib/ reverting some changes concerning filenames based on the new implementation of the FILE instruction Diff
131 555d 17h ruckert /util/trunk/mmixlib/ initilizing err_buf early to avoid NULL pointer in panic Diff
130 556d 01h ruckert /util/trunk/mmixlib/ adapting mmixallib.ch to the extended mmixal mmixalex Diff
122 558d 01h ruckert /util/trunk/mmixlib/ fixing bug in libconfig.gdb Diff
121 558d 02h ruckert /util/trunk/mmixlib/ improving Ctrl-C Handler switching on show_operating_system on second try. Diff
120 558d 02h ruckert /util/trunk/mmixlib/ removing show_operating_system if MMIX_TRAP is undefined Diff
119 558d 16h ruckert /util/trunk/mmixlib/ fixing read write breakpoints in mmget/putchars Diff
118 559d 00h ruckert /util/trunk/mmixlib/ adapting the config files to the changes in MMIX_LOAD_FILE_LOC Diff
117 559d 02h ruckert /util/trunk/mmixlib/ moving the custom build step to the INPUT file adding MMIX_LOAD_FILE_LOC Diff
116 559d 16h ruckert /util/trunk/mmixlib/ fixing breakpoints and output for translation bypassed in mmixvd Diff
115 561d 00h ruckert /util/trunk/mmixlib/ adding customization for mmixgdb Diff