Compiling the MMIX programs

you need:
  ctangle.exe which you can get from
  the program ctangle.exe should be on your search path
  the mmixware sources which you can get from
  the change files, project files, and solution file from this directory

File locations
You have to make sure the path to this ctangle.exe is on the search path
of visual studio (Try Tools->Options->Projects ans Solutions-> VC Directories)
or a similar path depending on the version of Visual Studio. Then you
should be able to open the solution file and build the library.

The installation process assumes that you 
download the content of this directory
into some windows directory, for example "C:\home\mmix\". 
Let's call this directory the source directory.

Then you must download the mmixware sources into a 
subdirectory of the source directory that must have the name mmixware.

Then we have, for example, the following source tree:

The rest is easy. Double-click on the file mmix.sln, which
should open visual studio. Use the menu to "build" the project.
The newly generated files mmix.exe mmixal.exe mmmix.exe and mmotype.exe
should then be in the release subdirectory.