Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
149 609d 05h ruckert /util/trunk/visualstudio/Release/ Diff
148 648d 02h ruckert /util/trunk/visualstudio/ commiting latest exe files Diff
141 751d 10h ruckert /util/trunk/visualstudio/Release/ checking in exe files Diff
113 925d 11h ruckert /util/trunk/visualstudio/ fixing build order Diff
108 927d 00h ruckert /util/trunk/visualstudio/Release/ new exe Diff
102 927d 08h ruckert /util/trunk/visualstudio/Release/ recompiled exe files Diff
24 1824d 02h ruckert /util/trunk/visualstudio/ adding copy commands to the project files to copy in the MMIX sources from the mmixware/trunk directory Diff