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Bug Reported

Initial: 09/20/2011
Update: 11/6/2011


Eiji Yoshiya


The syncd instruction may lead to the following situation:
  • Dfiller holds Scache lock and waits for Dcache lock,
  • Clean holds Dcache lock and waits for Dflusher to complete,
  • Dfluhser waits for Scache lock.
  • and then, the syncd instruction never completes.
To reproduce this situation, run mmmix with plain.mmconfig and the following program.
        e0018000e6010001	seth	$1,0x8000	incml	$1,0x0001
        f200003efd000000	pushj	$0, 0x3e*4	swym	0,0,0
        e0008000e5000001	seth	$0,0x8000	incmh	$0,0x0001
        e3010110af000000	setl	$1,0x0110	stou	$0,$0,0
        2300002027010101	lda	$0,$0,0x20	subu	$1,$1,1
        4b01fffdfd000000	bnz	$1,@-0x3*4	swym	0,0,0
        e3030030fd000000	setl	$3,0x0030	swym	0,0,0
        270303014b03fffe	subu	$3,$3,1		bnz	$3,@-0x2*4
        e0018000e6010002	seth	$1,0x8000	incml	$1,0x0002
        f200002ef0000000	pushj	$0, 0x2e*4	jmp	@
        e0028000e5020001	seth	$2,0x8000	incmh	$2,0x0001
        e7020300fd000000	incl	$2,0x0300	swym	0,0,0
        8f000000b9070200	ldou	$0,$0,0		syncd	7,$2,0
        f8000000fd000000	pop	$0,0		swym	0,0,0

Then start the program in kernel mode:
mmmix> k
mmmix> 10000
mmmix> v1ff
mmmix> 1
mmmix> 1

The syncd instruction never completes.


Cycle 8449
LSU1:2 executes ld instruction. Data is not in Dcache and Dcache is full. So LSU1:2 starts Dflusher, gives Scache lock to Dfiller, and starts Dfiller. (mmix-pipe.w, line 4982-4989)

Cycle 8450
* Dfluhser waits for Scache lock. (mmix-pipe.w, line 3860)

Cycle 8451
Dfiller starts Sfiller. (mmix-pipe.w, line 4035)

Cycle 8454
Sfiller reads data from memory, passes data to Dfiller, and schedules Dfiller in 10 cycles. (mmix-pipe.w, line 3951-3955)

Cycle 8464
Dfiller receives data from Sfiller, passes data to LSU1:2 and schedules LSU1:2 in 2 cycles. (mmix-pipe.w, line 3999-4003)

Cycle 8466
LSU1:2 receives data from Dfiller and then LSU1:2 completes ld instruction. (mmix-pipe.w, line 2674-2683)

Cycle 8468
Now syncd instruction reaches the hot seat; LSU2:2 executes syncd instruction and starts Clean coroutine. (mmix-pipe.w, line 6428-6435)

Cycle 8469
* Clean gets Dcache lock and waits for Dflusher to complete. (mmix-pipe.w, line 4154-4160, 4130-4133)

Cycle 8494
Sfiller completes reading cache block and schedules Dfiller at next cycle. (mmix-pipe.w, line 3964)

Cycle 8497
To copy data from Scache to Dcache,
* Dfiller waits for Dcache lock holding the Scache lock. (mmix-pipe.w, line 4011)

Lines with a leading * show that the meta-simulator goes into deadlock.

Proposed patch

Locking the Dcache in "clean" is dangerous. In this case, waiting for Dflusher while holding the Dcache lock causes deadlock. So, I changed mmix-pipe.w to release the Dcache lock before waiting for Dflusher.

The following is my patch:

--- ../mmix-20110831/mmix-pipe.w        2011-09-01 03:23:52.000000000 +0900
+++ mmix-pipe.w 2011-10-30 00:06:11.562500000 +0900
@@ -4130,7 +4130,7 @@
 Dclean: data->state=1;@+
-case 1:@+if (Dcache-> wait(1);
+case 1:@+if (Dcache-> goto Dclean_retry;
@@ -4161,6 +4161,16 @@
+  release_lock(self,Dcache->lock);
+  if (data->i==sync) data->state=100;
+  else data->state=4;
+  wait(1);
+case 100:@+ if (Dcache->lock || (j=get_reader(Dcache)<0)) wait(1);
+  startup(&Dcache->reader[j],Dcache->access_time);
+  set_lock(self,Dcache->lock);
+  i=data->y.o.h, j=data->y.o.l;
+  goto Dclean_loop;

 @ @<Cases 5 through 9...@>=
 case 5:@+ if (self->lockloc) *(self->lockloc)=NULL, self->lockloc=NULL;


This bug was fixed.

I did an extensive study of the source code to see what locks coroutines do hold and do wait for. It is probably best to bring the locks/coroutines in an partial order so that a owning lock A, a coroutine is allowed to wait for lock B only if B comes later in the partial order. (coroutines are like locks because you can wait on coroutine->next) I established the following order: (with Scache present)

  1. all coroutines for executing instructions
  2. write_from_wbuf
  3. wbuf_lock
  4. clean_lock
  5. clean_co
  6. I/Dcache reader
  7. I/Dcache lock
  8. I/Dcache flusher
  9. Scache lock
  10. I/Dcache filler
  11. Scache flusher
  12. mem_lock
  13. Scache filler
Then all but one wait(1) respect this order: Dcache filler (fill_from_S) waits for Dcache lock holding the Scache lock in mmix-pipe.w line 4011
  case 3: @inbuf|@>;
  case 4:@+ if (c->lock) wait(1);
    Scache->lock=NULL; /* we had been holding that lock */
    data->state=5;@+ wait(c->copy_in_time);
  case 5:@+if (cc) awaken(cc,1); /* second wakeup call */
    goto terminate;
It should release the Scache->lock before waiting, similar to the fill_from_mem routine. So the code should be:
  case 3: @inbuf|@>;
  case 4:@+Scache->lock=NULL; /* we had been holding that lock */
  case 5:@+if (c->lock) wait(1);
    data->state=6;@+ wait(c->copy_in_time);
  case 6:@+if (cc) awaken(cc,1); /* second wakeup call */
    goto terminate;
compare this to fill_from_mem:
  case 1: release_lock(self,mem_lock);
  case 2:@+if (c!=Scache) {
      if (c->lock) wait(1);
    if (cc) awaken(cc,c->copy_in_time); /* the second wakeup call */
    data->state=3;@+ wait(c->copy_in_time);
  case 3: goto terminate;
To release the Dcache lock in clean while waiting for the Dcache flusher as proposed by Eiji Yoshiya would eliminate the Dcache lock as a precondition to the Dcache flusher. Even without actually taking that lock, for instance write_from_wbuf in lines 4660 to 4675 assumes, that there was a wait on the Dcache lock in line 4601. So the lock should remain a precondition for the Dcache flusher. (@= actually could set this lock and release it immediately. So I assume the simulator is not "too lenient here".)

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