MMIX Bug Report ring_size

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Bug Reported

Initial: 17/11/2014


Laurent Desnogues


In mmix-config, section 36, ring_size is computed to be greater than the maximum waiting time. The time to read a cache line from memory is mem_addr_time+n*j where j is the maximum of mem_read_time and mem_write_time; and n is the number of bus_words per cache line. The number of bytes of a cache line is in the bb field of the cache; and this number is used to initialize n before dividing by bus_words. This can result in a ring_size that is too large by a factor of 8. It will not result in an incorrect execution of the simulator, but allocates more memory than necessary.

Proposed Patch

Scale bus_words by 8 in the line that rounds n up and determines the maximum number of bus_words per cache line.


Laurent Desnogues: That looks OK, though you could have used mem_bus_bytes. Martin Ruckert: That's right, I will use mem_bus_bytes instead. instead of bus_words*8.


Fixed in the repository, Rev. 84, on 2014-11-18.

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