MMIX Special Registers

Table of Content


List of MMIX Special Registers

Symbol Register Name Related Instructions
rA Arithmetic status register Signed and Float Arithmetic, SL, Load and Store, TRIP, TRAP, RESUME
rB Bootstrap register TRIP, RESUME
rC Continuation register  
rD Dividend register DIVU
rE Epsilon register FCMPE, FUNE, FEQLE
rF Failure location register  
rG Global threshold register  
rH Himult register MULU
rI Interval counter  
rJ Return-jump register PUSHJ, PUSHGO, POP
rK Interrupt mask register  
rL Local threshold register  
rM Multiplex mask register MUX
rN Serial number  
rO Register stack offset SAVE, UNSAVE
rP Prediction register CSWAP
rQ Interrupt request register  
rR Remainder register DIV, DIVU
rS Register stack pointer SAVE, UNSAVE
rT Trap address register TRAP
rU Usage counter  
rV Virtual translation register LDVTS
rW Where-interrupted register TRIP, RESUME
rX Execution register TRIP, RESUME
rY Y operand TRIP, RESUME
rZ Z operand TRIP, RESUME
rBB Bootstrap register TRAP, RESUME
rTT Dynamic trap address register  
rWW Where-interrupted register TRAP, RESUME
rXX Execution register TRAP, RESUME
rYY Y operand TRAP, RESUME
rZZ Z operand TRAP, RESUME

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