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MMIX and the Virtual Motherboard

The original MMIX simulator by Donald Knuth provides in one executable not only a simulation of the MMIX CPU but also simulates RAM, IO, operating system, and debugger. This is great to get to a fast start programming MMIX but has severe limitations:
  • the built in debugger does not support high level languages.
  • the built in operating system prevents experimenting with other operating systems.
  • additional devices like disks, timers, serial IO or frame buffer displays are not supported.
The Virtual Motherboard (VMB) Project offers a clean and extensibel solution to these shortcomings: It separates the simulation of the CPU from the simulation of all the other necessary (and not necessary) parts of a computer and provides a plug-and-play framework to compose different simulators to form one complete system. Further, the project contains a MMIX CPU with an interface to the GNU Debugger gdb making programming and debugging with the GNU Toolchain so much more convenient.

The Virtual Motherboard Project is hosted under sourceforge with its homepage at

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