MMIX Linux Example

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This example explains how to set up a MMIX computer (using VMB) and compile and run Linux on it. It uses in large parts the work of Eiji Yoshiya.

Unfortunately, describing this in detail takes some time - so the description is not yet done, and further, there is still a bug in the system - so occasionally the system hangs and the code needs further debugging.

Quick Start

For the impatient, however, here is a configuration file, a gzip'ed root image for the disk simulator, and a gzip'ed ROM image for the ROM simulator. Download these files, gunzip the .gz files, and start the simulator on it to see MMIX booting a Linux kernel like this:


If you want the sources, here is a patch that you need to apply to the linux-2.6.18 kernel sources. The vmlinux.bin ROM image is produced from these sources with a make vmlinux.bin.

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