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The History of MMIXmasters

Taken from the News page of MMIXmasters at sourceforge


27 May 2007

After a long hiatus, the MMIXmasters site is active again. Instead of being simply a web site with static HTML, MMIXmasters is now a Wiki on SourceForge. Volunteers can not only contribute MMIX programs, but can also contribute to the Wiki. (You must be a member of the MMIXmasters project to be able to edit the Wiki pages; anyone can view the WIki pages.)

The MMIXmasters project web site is now the Wiki home page. Users are automatically redirected. The (plain) web pages have been retired.

10 Jun 2002

The MMIXmaster web pages have been brought up-to-date and posted to SourceForge.
Parts of the MMIXmasters web site are still non-existent. Still to do:

  • Poll anyone who has expressed interest in MMIX at one time on the preferred process for creating, reviewing and finishing all the MMIX programs.
  • Create a FAQ.
  • Add known links.
  • Add a status entry to each program.

01 May 2002

The MMIXmasters site has been moved to SourceForge.

22 Dec 1999

I've upgraded the host, and added the programs from Volume 3 to the web site.
I will be going on vacation until 4 Jan 00, so I will not be able to acknowledge reservations until then. If you want to start working on something over the holidays, send me an email and send an email to the MMIXmasters mail list. The earliest reservation wins. (The dates of the emails I receive are the ones used to determine priority.)
Yes, I know. There are still a lot of pending reservations/requests that I haven't gotten to. They'll have to wait until the next century...

07 Dec 1999

The mailing list mmixmasters-announce has been merged with the list mmixmasters because there isn't enough traffic to warrant two lists.

07 Dec 1999

Maintenance tasks:

  • Merge the mmixmasters and mmixmaster-announce lists because there really isn't enough traffic on mmixmasters to justify a separate list just for announcements.
  • Respond to the accumulated emails.
  • Put up on the MMIXmaster web site the programs which need to be converted from Volume 3. Also, add the missing column to the Volume 2 table on the web site. Assign owners.
  • Upgrade to Red Hat 6.1. The site will be intermittently available Saturday and Sunday, and will shutdown (and startup) with little notice. Mail should be reliable, but not the web site.
Should be completed by Sunday, 12 Dec 1999

01 Aug 1999

After a long gestation period, software for the MMIX computer is ready. Here's what Don Knuth had to say:

Calling all MMIXmasters! The tutorial on MMIX and the basic assmbler/simulator software have now been upgraded from alpha-test to beta-test. The most urgent need right now is for people to install the programs on as many platforms as possible, and to help me make the sources more portable. This will give all MMIXmasters a better environment to work in. The sources can be downloaded from and I keep improving them. Please send bug reports to --- thanks!
Don Knuth

Vladimir activated the mailing list mmixmasters which is for volunteers. (The mailiing list mmixmasters-announce is just for announcements.)
Vladimir posted instructions on how to volunteer and posted the programs which need to be converted.

21 Dec 98

Vladimir created the mailing list mmixmasters-announce . That list is for announcements related to the work of the MMIXmasters. The people on the list had either responded to the call for volunteers on Don Knuth's MMIX page, or were referred by Don Knuth. The main items he identified as needing to be done in the near future were:

  1. Set up (and maintain) a Web site, which will contain up-to-date information on what needs to be done, interesting links, and the results of our efforts.

  2. Create (and maintain) the various lists of MIX & MMIX programs: those that still need to be converted, those that are being converted, and those that have been converted, and who is doing what.

  3. Post to a variety of newsgroups and mailing lists a general call for volunteers---with instructions.
    He also created the list mmixmasters, but didn't activated it.

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